Reverberations on Glass

The shock waves are still reverberating across my mind and through my heart. If someone were to place their hand on me I imagine there would be shock waves radiating from me. Kind of like when you put your hand on a window while a train is passing nearby. You feel the movement of the glass as it vibrates but does not give way. This was another one of “those” visits with my mom.

My one sister was away with her family when the day came to bring my mom to her “new” home and so she hadn’t yet been to see her. Another sister and I arranged to accompany my sister and her husband. I had just gotten through my spiel on how easy it was to come and visit her as we opened the door into the unit.

I couldn’t see her at first, but I could hear her voice talking loudly. I went in a little further and was initially shocked, and later horrified, to find her in the far corner of the room, facing the corner, in a wheel chair and talking loudly to a tall plant. Once I shook off the initial shock, I hurried over to her and greeted her, turning her around to face everyone. We sat down on the nearby couches and attempted to have a visit with her. This was one of the times I would describe her as being “out of it.” She would stare at each one of us as if she wasn’t too sure who we were or maybe she was looking right through us and seeing someone else entirely. Either way it was freaky and disconcerting in the least.

Eventually we convinced her to take us to her room to show it off. She did not want to go down there as she thought we were there to take her home. We managed to persuade her and made it to her room. Once there, awkward conversation continued with her telling a range of nonsensical stories. She then needed to use the washroom and so I attempted to help her into the washroom and out of her wheel chair to use the facilities. She refused to get out of the wheelchair. I gave her suggestion upon suggestion and just became more and more frustrated with her lack of cooperation. I pushed the “red button” and waited to see what happened. A nurse responded fairly quickly and told us that they have been using the lift on mom to get her out of her chair and onto the toilet. Albeit another shock that she was this immobile already, I was reassured to see that the lift was very gentle and effective.

It’s been only 10 days and already she is dependent on a wheel chair, is talking to people who are not present in reality and must use a lift for bathroom duties. This was all very upsetting and the reverberations are being felt days later. How many reverberations can a stained glass window take until it cracks or shatters? How many reverberations will my heart withstand?


Your Mother’s Loving Hands Originally posted on Home Helpers Home Care Chippewa Falls

Home Helpers Home Care Chippewa Falls

We often tire and resent taking care of our older Mother’s and Fathers but Home Helpers Home Care would like to send you into your weekend with a beautiful poem called “Her Hands” by Maggie Pittman.

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Idea from Adam Sandler’s ’50 First Dates’ used to soothe dementia patients Originally posted on Global News

Very interesting

Global News

NEW YORK — For 94-year-old Louise Irving, who suffers from dementia, waking up every day to a video with a familiar face and a familiar voice seems to spark a flicker of recognition.

“Good morning, merry sunshine, how did you wake so soon?” Irving’s daughter, Tamara Rusoff-Hoen, sings in a video playing from a laptop wheeled to her mother’s nursing home bedside.

As the five-minute video plays, with stories of happy memories and get-togethers, Irving beams a bright smile before repeating the traditional family send-off.

“Kiss, kiss … I love you.”

READ MORE: Could this new test pave the way for detecting Alzheimer’s?

Such prerecorded messages from family members are part of an apparently unique pilot program at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale aimed at helping victims of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia break through the morning fog of forgetfulness that can often cause them agitation and…

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Sleep On What?? as posted on alzheimersforpathfinders


I sometimes sleep on the floor, cause he wiggles & shakes-

A very poor sleep this shaking he makes!

Yes, it’s hard on the floor, I’ve made a little bed-

Out of blankets & a pillow for under my head!

I just get to sleep & I hear a voice in the dark-

A very loud voice- yes, he surely does bark!

“Are you there?” -I really really don’t think you are-

Answer me now – have you gone very far?

I answer -” I’m here” – from down on the floor-

If I don’t answer, he heads for the door!

Sometimes he reaches out & touches my arm-

If I’m not in reach, he thinks I’ve been harmed!

He gets up & turns on every light-

Looking for me or his glasses,  in a fright!

The stillness of the floor is restful to me-

If just once in a…

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The things that he has done as posted on elsieshufflebottom


Confusion fills his daily life

and memories are gone

of times he spent, of places,

and of things that he has done.

His family tries to shield him

they say that it’s all lies

their loved one is an innocent man

not a criminal in disguise.

But in other people’s heads

the horrors linger on

No place to hide from

hateful deeds –

the things that he has done.

Too late perhaps to prosecute

he couldn’t answer now

But hard for those whose pain

is caused

by the things that he has done.

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Who Gives This Woman? as posted on Traversing with Tippy

Wow. Honest.


A week ago today, two dear friends married, and I had the honor of being in their wedding party. We had all gone to college together, and everyone was friends with everyone so it was, in effect, a giant reunion. At least, the kind of reunion you look forward to…unlike most.

The days leading up to the wedding were busy but fun:

Last Thursday myself, the maid of honor, and the other bridesmaids threw the bachelorette party. Laughter, games, and a lot of sangria later we drifted to sleep, looking forward to the next day of hilarity and nonsense.

Last Friday we all got manicures and pedicures. My ticklishness reminded me why these are things I do not do often. The brides mother brought us all Lebanese food (their family is Lebanese after all) and we awkwardly stuffed ourselves as best as we could with wet nails. That evening we had…

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Lucky Leopard as posted on Nurse Bitterpill


Nurse Bitterpill [dot] com

Patient: “Help! I need help.”

Nurse: “What do you need?”

Patient: “I need something that can turn me into my neck.”

Nurse: “Do you have a sore throat?”

Patient: “Yes. And a leopard named Lucky.”

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